Best Way to Carry Heavy Furniture

Best Way to Carry Heavy Furniture

The Best Way to Carry Heavy Furniture


One of the joys of being in our own space is arranging their furniture and clearing out old or outdated items. But updating your space can be a challenge when dealing with heavy or awkward pieces of furniture or appliances. 


If you need help removing items from your home, 1-833-GET-BINS can handle it all. But if you want to move heavy furniture or appliances yourself or with limited help, by yourself or with limited assistance, remember to make safety your top priority to prevent injury. 


The best ways to move furniture safely and easily


Keep reading to find out how to move your heavy furniture more safely and easily.


  1. Have a plan


Start by listing all the heavy items you need to move first. Think about where you want to move them in your home or vehicle to maximize space and prevent damage. If you’re moving the items in a truck, load the heaviest pieces first and then the smaller items.


  1. Have the right tools for the job


Straps or dollies can make moving bulky, heavy furniture much easier. Straps relieve some weight off your body and make items easier to move around, but be sure to buy the correct size straps for your furniture. Dollies and sliders also help by reducing the weight you need to carry.


  1. Disassemble as much furniture as possible


Disassembling large pieces of furniture like tables or bookcases can make moving much easier. Make sure to remove items inside the furniture like books, clothes, cushions, or drawers that may fall or come out when you lift the items. 


  1. Stay organized


When disassembling your furniture, small components like screws and bolts can get lost. Place them in baggies and label them accordingly to ensure you have them right where you need them. 


  1. Be careful of obstacles


Depending on your home’s layout, there may be stairs or other obstacles. Be aware of when you should slide or push your furniture, but also when you need to lift it to prevent damage.


  1. Use proper form


Make sure you carry the weight in your legs when carrying heavy items. This means squatting down to your knees to lift the furniture to ensure you don’t injure your back. 


  1. Control your movements


Awkwardly jerking or twisting when carrying furniture can cause injury. Keep items close to your body to better maintain balance and walk in a straight line. 


  1. Recruit helpers


Ask friends to help, especially if moving heavy items up or down steps or stairs. One person should carry the item high, while the other person carries below. Walk very slowly and communicate constantly with each other. Always keep yourself and others safe when moving heavy furniture.


If you need help removing items you don’t want or need, 1-833-GET-BINS is licensed and insured. We offer curb-side and driveway junk removal with our disposal bin rental service.




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